Third Annual BWP Keuring at Page Brook Farms

Maddie and Nylander RGS

Maddie and Nylander RGS

Newcastle NHF

The anticipation, preparation and the dedicated staff at Page Brook Farms make the Keuring a welcoming event every year for the past three years. The mares were bathed, groomed and braided.  The foals looked spectacular! The arena was dragged and watered!

Madeliene Slack “Maddie”, took charge of the barn, the mares and the staff… and did an excellent job.  Nathenial Marshall “Nate”, Hannah Bieber, Stephanie Auberger, Jared Bieber, and last but not least Kaite Spartley, worked long hours and made the barn, arena and horses look outstanding.  Thank you guys!

Nicole Marin saved the day by taking photographs for us.  My photographer had cancelled two days before the keuring. Nicole, thank you!

Bobby Murray handled our horses like a pro that he is!  What a wonderful human being Bobby is! He knows what he is doing and does it extremely well. Maddie and Hannah were the assistants in the ring with Bobby and they thoroughly enjoyed being there.

Everything was going well and then it started. Heather Farmer DVM and Boudewjin Schepers informed me their flight was delayed. One of our Fillies had a mild colic and when we were working with her, she kicked me on my knee cap!

The judges arrived safely but Boudewjin’s luggage stayed in Boston – with the branding iron in the luggage!

The morning of the Keuring, of course it being on a Wednesday, not many spectators came!  Maggie Nader arrived promptly at 8:30 with her mare and a gorgeous foal.  We picked up Boudewjin and Heather from their hotel and the Keuring began. Heather was very well organized with no hitches or hiccups! All the paper work was where it should be.

And the Keuring began. We had 7 foals from our barn and the foal from Maggie Neider.  Boudewjin did and exceptional job inspecting each foal and explaining to us what he was looking at and his reasoning for the scores that he had awarded the foals.

Our Colt, Nylander RGS “Tinsel” took the blue ribbon. We were extremely happy as “Baby Tinsel” had to perform on his own! His dam, Rendelin “Tess”, is on stall rest and did not accompany the foal in the ring.  Tinsel was such a big boy. Paige DeLeo would have been very proud of her new foal!

Maggie Neider’s colt, Newcastle NHF “Rook” took the second place – an absolutely stunning colt by Balt’Amour.

It was a very informative and relaxed Keuring.  Boudwjin and Heather did an exceptional job.  The branding of the foals was uneventful!  No kicking or screaming.

We had one yearling that scored very high – Macauley RGS by Crespo out of Arabella RGS  ( Acord II x Wendelin x Marconi)

After the branding we all had some lunch and visited.  Everybody shared a story or two of their experiences and their horses.  Hannah celebrated her birthday… was serenaded by the whole group!  Just a perfect closing for a perfect day

Finally a big thanks to our Page Brook Farms Family for working very hard and making this Keuring run smoothly….

Until next year …