Springs Brings Much Excitement To Page Brook Farms . . . New Foals


Empress RGS with first colt by Amaretto d’arco

After many many sleepless nights since March 27th our first foal of the season arrived at 4:45 am on the 5th of April, 2013.  A colt by Amaretto D’Arco out of Empress RGS (Escudo I x Anforan xx  x Wendekreis x Lugano). I was by myself and was a little insecure so I called Alex Kinter . . . She was right there for me:) The foal was already out by the time Alex arrived but it still was a big help for me to have her with me at the barn. Thank you Alex.

What a little sparkler!!!! Empress did very well for her first foal!  It was almost comical to watch her with the foal.  After giving birth, Empress just laid there for almost 10 mins! and then the foal moved . . . she picked up her head and looked at the foal and just squealed! and then got up to check out this “Moving Turd!”

She would squeal and the foal would make a noise back to her . . .  it was just a precious sight!  Worth every single sleepless night!

The sleepless nights did not end yet . . . We had Uleandra (Acord II x Landgraf I x Ramiro   Stamm 776 ) in foal to CALIDO getting ready to foal . . .


Ardie with mommy Empress RGS

Stephanie came and spent a night and helped me with the foal watch, Nicole Marin came and relieved me one night with the foal watch…. much needed sleep was achieved.

Terry was going to leave to go back to NH on Monday the 15th April . . . I was hoping and praying she would foal before he left and she did!!!

Uleandra had the “By the book ” delivery that I have ever seen!  at 12:05am I saw on the monitor Ulea was laying down . . . by the time Terry and I got to the barn the filly was out and trying to get up . . . 12:20

She passed her placenta in another half an hour.  We went back to bed and watched her on the monitor.  The filly nursed in another 45mins.  Aahhhh wish all the foaling are like this one.

Now we wait for the next one . . .