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Frozen Semen / Reference Stallion

Today Calido I is one of the most important sires world wide. His pedigree shows Cor de la Bryère A.N., Cottage Son xx three times each and Ramzes AA and Anblick xx twice. His grandmother Kollet (by Roman) brought six dressage and jumping horses that were suc- cessful up to advanced level. The dam’s sire Coriander was a multiple talent and won dressage competitions of advanced level many times. Calido I led the jumping ranking of his stallion performance test and won 25 young horses’ jumping classes. The final qualification at Bundeschampionate was one of them. His extraordinary breeding value secures him a solid position at the top and it is proven by his progeny’s successes. Important offspring are Coupe de Coeur, German Champion 2006 and 2007 with René Tebbel, Nobless M, Grand Prix winner 2007 in Helsinki and La Coronia with Pius Schwizer and Eurocommerce Acapulco (Gerco Schröder). The Olympic Games 2008 in Hongkong saw Calido I offspring California with Taizo Sugitani, Cayak with Eiken Sato and Nobless M competing. More than 60 sons of Calido I were approved, 243 of his offspring record success in advanced level jumping. His progeny’s lifetime winnings recorded at FN amount to 2,783,635 Euro. At the approval Neumu?nster 2012 Calido I presented second place reserve winner Calinello.

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