Praise for Esccord RGS, a Page Brook Farms Hanoverian

Katie and Garth

Katie and Garth

Good morning Terry and Jayshree Schrubb,

I wanted to thank Page Brook Farms for breeding Garth and giving me the opportunity to partner [purchase] with him.

In our last two rides, I have been utterly amazed by him. Our first ride over a jumping course, he was smart, keen, and honest. He was cognizant of where he was in relation to the fences and distances despite the varying terrain and distracting stimuli outside the jumping field. Yesterday’s ride was even more fun – we did some conditioning sets in an open field. He was eating up the ground with such ease and reacting to cues to balance and adjust his stride as though he had been doing so for years. Though tempted to gallop, I restrained myself given his youth and willing spirit. As a rising four year old, I am impressed with his maturity, kind temperament and intelligence.

He is an absolute blast. You’ve bred not only a wonderful competitor, but a wonderful companion. He enhances my well-being and I am excited for our future together!

Warm regards,
Katie Murphy