MOWGLI RGS – Claire de Lune / Galoubet / Irish Ruler xx

It begins with researching stallions and matching to the mares.  Terry has done an exceptional job doing that!  As they say the proof is in the pudding. Here he is! Meet our first foal of the year 2012 – MOWGLI RGS by CLAIRE DE LUNE out of our GALOUBET mare, ELOWAY.

The foal watch begins with a gusto of emotions and celebrations. Two nights into foal watch and you just stare at the mare and say “please let it be tonight!” and the mares looks away and starts eating her hay.  A couple times I saw her lay down and I ran to the barn to make sure I did not miss the big entrance!  The mare slowly gets up and is probably thinking “Will you please let me rest!”  Night after night, hour after hour, this is the story.

Last night Rajal and Kaitlyn Sprately were on foal watch until midnight and then it was my turn. I figured I would go and check her at 1:00 am as the girls had just checked her at 11:45pm.  At 12:15 I saw her walking in circles in the stall and then sat down. Of course I did not want to panic and run out to the barn so I watched her on the screen.  A few minutes later I saw him being born!  “Oh no”  I said, she is foaling!  I got Rajal and Kait and went down to the barn.  Ahhhh what a miracle it was!  Little Mowgli was laying there under the watchful eyes of his mother! I called Terry and then Katie Murphy ( at 1:00 am!  Katie was delighted to hear that EMITT RGS was a BIG brother to MOWGLI RGS.

What a sweet, gentle mare  Eloway is!  It did not occur to her to mind that Rajal and I were in the stall checking the foal and dipping his naval in the Iodine.  She knew innately that we are not hurting the foal.  Once that was done, the stall got cleaned and new shavings were put in the stall.

Rajal did a great job of taking care of the foal.  She was busy making sure that the foal was dry as it was a chilly night last night! By the time everything was done it was almost 2:00am.  Rajal and Kait went to bed and I kept an eye on the little one as he had not yet found the food!

At about 2:30 Rajal and I went back to the barn and helped little Mowgli to get up and stand on his own. The rest is history. Mowgli found food, Eloway was relieved and we went to bed!  After watching the foal all wobbly trying to find the food, I thought to myself, ahh what a miracle!