Mare Owner’s Series . . . at Page Brook Farms 4/10 – 4/15

Almost three years ago Terry had gone to AZ to take an Ultra sound course with Jim Kubiak of Breeder’s Assistant.  He came back with enthusiasm and hope that we, at Page Brook Farms, will be able to host one of the seminars, and we did.

IMG_4036We, Terry and I, feel that we do need to work with our Veterinarian, Dr. Jeff LaPoint and Dr. Megan Cox, the most considerate compassionate people.

The Mare Owner’s Series gave us a helping hand needed to work with our Veterinarians.  Jim Kubiak explained and taught us the basics of breeding and managing the mares.  Helped us understand the whole process of “Managing our mares”  By no means we are experts on Ultra sounding  and Breeding our mares, however, we have a better understanding of the whole process of managing the mares to breed them and get them in foal.

Jim arrived the day before the class started… set up the night before.  Terry arrived to the farm late Tuesday night for the Wednesday class!

Nicole Marin of Marin farms, Jen Vanover of Maplewood Warmbloods, Kathy Pierce of Kinzu Morgans, Maggie Neider of North Hill Farm, Linsey Peck, DVM.,  Rajal Schrubb, Terry and Jayshree Schrubb were the participants.  What a great way to make new contacts and friends.

Our mares were exceptional.  They were cooperative and very tolerant of all the people learning on them.  Jim was very patient with everybody explaining and showing the the ways procedures.

IMG_4041Learning about using Fresh cooled and Frozen semen was interesting…. we learned the myths and truth about breeding with cooled and frozen semen.

Then it was the last day!  learned how to lavage and deep horn insemination.  It really was a great learning experience.  Even if we do not breed ourselves we know what to look for and be able to ask appropriate questions when dealing with different breeding professionals.

Last but not lease Terry and I want to thank Nathenial Marshall, Stephanie Auberger and Hannah Beiber for doing an exceptional job with the barn, getting horses ready for us to work on them and taking care of the horses and the barn.  BIG THANK YOU.  We could not have run this program as smoothly as we did if it was not for all of you.  THANK YOU.