Foaling Season Upon Us . . .

The anticipation and excitement gets greater and greater as we approach the 340 day mark of the mare in foal . . . Now the sleepless nights begins.  Sme of the mares have read the “book” and go by the book! but some they just go by how they feel and what they want to do! Especially the maiden mares.

Well, our first mare, Empress RGS (Escudo I x Anforanxx  x Wendekreis) in foal to Amaretto D’Arco was due on the 27th of March! and it is April 4th today and no foal . . .

We try to watch for signs and change in their attitude and behavior to determine when they are going to foal.

Here is the list of our mares . . .

In April

Empress RGS  in foal to Amaretto D’Arco  (Escudo I x Anforan xx x Wendekreis)  FOAL AVAILABLE FOR SALE

Uleandra in foal to Calido (Acord II x Landgraf I x Ramiro) FOAL AVAILABLE FOR SALE (ONLY COLT)

Terry with Calido in Germany

Terry with Calido in Germany

In May

Rendelin “Tess”  in foal to Cunningham  (Goodtimes x Voltaire x Nimmedor) FOAL  SOLD!

Zandora Star “Dora” in foal to Conte Della Caccia  ( Quick Star x Calypso I x Landgraf I)  FOAL AVAILABLE FOR SALE

Larinette “Lu” in foal to Conte Della Caccia (Acord II x Ahorn x Erdball xx) FOAL AVAILABLE FOR SALE

In June

Princess in foal to Clair de Lune SE (Quite Capitol x Cardino x Joost) FOAL AVAILABLE FOR SALE

Parel in foal to Candillo Jr (Concorde x Armstrong x Huzaar) FOAL AVAILABLE FOR SALE

Porquoi  in foal to Cunningham (Nurzeus x Voltaire x Notaris) FOAL AVAILABLE FOR SALE

As soon as we have some foals on the ground we will post the pictures . . .