Foaling season is over . . .

Macauley's first checkup!

Macauley’s first checkup!

Foal by CRESPO is here! Crespo x Acord II x Wendelin x Marconi

Foal watching for a week was tiring… every night I thought was the night!  EM Arabella was waiting for the rest of the family to be at the barn before she foaled.  Thank havens for Terry, Rajal and George.  Rajal did a great job helping Arabella with the foaling.  It was about 11:45 pm when Rajal and George went to the barn to check Arabella.  By 12:17 am Macauley was on the ground…yet another miracle of life

There is always an awesome feeling when you see the new foal on the ground.  So peaceful … Macauley was up and around in 20 mins.  He found his mom and rest was history. Arabella passed her placenta and all was well… A big sigh of relief and off to bed for a good night sleep!

Macauley and Arabella did very well…next morning we put them in the indoor so they can run around until Dr. Cox, from Finger Lakes Equine came to give them a check.

Everything checked out okay!!! Macauley got a clean bill of health from Dr. Cox.