Page Brook Team

Page Brook Team

What a great time! Thank you BWP Team!  All our foals did very well!  the lowest score was 74!!!! Our mares score ranged from 69 to 80!  What more could we ask? Our big Thank you to the young team, Alyssa, Rajal, Anna (our newest member ), Danielle Amanda,Katie and Reena for getting the horses ready for the ring.

Our handlers, Alyssa, Danielle and Amanda did an exceptional job!  It was a hot muggy day for handling the horses but they never complained! It was a pleasure to see such wonderful youngsters working together as a team.

The branding of the foals went very smoothly!  No bucking and rearing . . . just an after thought! OUCH! that was a big bite!  The BWP team, Chris Salle, Boudewijn Schepers and Taylor did an excellent job, moved the day along smoothly and efficiently on their directions.

Lisa, Tammy and Alison from our office, Amerident Dental were a blessing at the Keuring . . . Lisa took over the kitchen and served some delicious meals! Without Tammy and Alison, I think I would have been in the house cleaning up and getting things ready for the inspection! Thank you to all of you.

The rest of the Amerident Dental gang, Kerry, Tanya and Sorvanna showed up on Friday night after the inspection for the BBQ next day!

It was a wonderful weekend!

The Keuring was like studying for an exam and passing with flying colors!!!  Terry’s hard work researching the Stallions and pedigrees and all those articles that he read and talking to many, many people finally paid off!  Good job Terry!

We are looking forward to next year!

Boudewijn, Taylor, Chris, Terry, Alison, Reena ,Rajal, Alyssa, Katie, Lisa, Tammy and Jayshree

Missing are . . . Danielle, Amanda and Anna!