BWP Keuring Results!

Fall . . . what a beautiful time of the year . . . time to reflect on the past and chance to look at the next year.

As the nature prepares us for the next season with foliage . . . the reds, crimsons, orange and yellow . . .  as it peaks and gently falls on the ground like colorful raindrops . . . gently reminding us the winter is around the corner!

With Fall’s transition into Winter . . . we begin our transition into winter.  We begin our transition into 2013 foaling and breeding season and as we do we can reflect on the accomplishment from 2012 BWP Keuring.

The final results from the BWP Keuring:

2012 Foals

Macauley RGS  (Crespo x Acord II x Wendelin x Marconi)
Scored 81

Mowgli RGS (Clair de Lune SE x Galoubet A x Irish Ruler xx)
Scored 74

2011 Foals  Yearling Futurity 

Leonardo RGS (Namelus R x Quick Star x Calypso I x Landgraf I )
Scored 75

Lamar RGS (Quidamo x Harper x Donauwind x Falke)
Scored 71

Three to six years old division…

Empress RGS (Hann)  ( Escudo I x Anforan xx  x Wendekries x Lugano II
Scored 80 E-Label  (3rd in N.America)

Zantura  (Hols)  (Canturo x Acord II x Joost x Ladalco)
Scored 79 E- Label

Bella du Rouet RGS (Hann) ( Balout du Rouet x Acord II x Wendelin x Marconi)
Scored 78 E-Label

Princess (Hols) (Quite Capitol x Cartino x Joost x Landmiester)
Scored 73

Promises to Keep RGS (Hann) (Pablo x Bonjore (Kirkes) x Empire x Futuro)
Scored 71

Seven and Older division….

La Vinia IV (Hols)  (Cassini I x Caretino x Carneval x Tumbled xx)
Scored 75

Rendelin  “Tess” (Goodtimes x Voltaire x Nimmerdor)
Scored 72

It was a busy year . . . Look forward to next year with anticipation and excitement as we plan the breedings for next spring.