Belgium Warmblood Keuring at Page Brook Farms

Page Brook Farms

Page Brook Farms

It was a beautiful morning at Page Brook Farms on July 22nd, 2012.  Today was an exciting day full of energy, exuberance !  Rajal and Kait were in the barn braiding the “babies” at 7:00am.  Stephanie and Liz arrived at 7:30 and had the barn looking immaculate! Terry had left at 6:45am for Roscoe NY to pick up the Keuring team, George was up and made sure the Arena look just right and yet once again, watered it so there was no dust.  I was making sure everything was on time and of course preparing the food for after the Keuring party.

Bobby Murray, the handler arrived at 8:30 just as he had mentioned to me! We were very fortunate to have him handle the horses.  He walked around and looked at the the mares and foals and the arena.  He was left int he barn with the crew.

The guests started arriving at 9:30… Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gilbert from Cornell were the first ones to arrive with Mrs. Gilbert’s mother who was visiting from South Africa.  Our dear friend Gene Fletcher (Photographer for the day:) The Marin family, Dr. Jeff LaPoint of Finger Lakes Equine, Michael Murphy, Liz’s Mom and sister.

The arena was set up so the audience can sit in the arena and watch the Keuring process.  The place was buzzing with anticipation and excitement.  Our PBF team was ready to go . . .

Terry arrived with Chris Sallee and Boudewijn Schepers at 9:45 and we began . . .  final paper work and information was done .

Boudewijn was introduced to the audience and then he explained the process of Keuring to everybody.  I think that is so important to do because the audience would be able to understand what is happening and why the horses are scored the way they are.

The horses are ready to be paraded in front of the Judge . . . We started with 3 – 6 years old first.  All the mares did very well.  Only thing was…they are not spooked by anything or are not really afraid of the whip with the plastic bag!! But Bobby handled them in such a professional manner and they all finally trotted and showed off their beautiful movements.

Then came the young ones! What a treat that was!  All braided and looking beautiful!  EM Arabella and ELoway have done this before so they were tolerant of all the activities but the foals were not too happy with all the commotion around them.

Mowgli RGS was the first one to go . . . Would not trot! wanted to just gallop…like and Eventer! I guess he was telling us “I am Clair du Lune SE’s son am going to gallop!!” Finally, he trotted and the Judge was able to see what he has!

Now it was Macauley RGS . . . Little bugger showed off his trot…it looked like he had some springs in his feet:)  As Katie Murphy mentioned, “that was probably the “Wendelin” in him that is being shown!  Needless to say he awed everybody.

The Keuring was over by 1:00pm.  Boudewijn Schepers branded the foals . . . that was a treat, needless to say . . .  went without a hitch!

They all scored very well . . .

We had a good lunch with many other friends and family, Our son, Todd his wife Carol and their three children, Tanner, Morgan and Aiden came over from Carlisle PA.  Had a chance to sit down with Chris  and Boudewijn  and pick their minds about the next year’s breeding . . . will post some more pictures soon.